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For our Best Indie Music reviews, today we look at “The Powers Divide“, by Le Groupe Fantastique.

In past reviews, we’ve talked about how a part of the artists we’ve been blessed with discovering, are some of the absolute best but hidden like precious gems not yet found.

The band/Album we’re talking about today is 100% one of these hidden previous gems and we have little doubt that, if you love retro-sounding pop, you’re going to absolutely love them!

The Powers Divide - Luca's Take

Le Groupe Fantastique is one of my absolute favorite bands and probably the best example of what the term “retrowave” should mean.

Their style is, at least for me, the best representation of the genre you’ll ever find and probably the easiest way to help people understand the big difference between it, and a genre like Synthwave that many, wrongly, believe the exact same.

I dare you to listen to The Powers Divide, without knowing when the release date is, and not think this is some outstanding work directly dug up from some top band of the past.

It’s actually pretty sad if you think about it: such a band, creating such absolutely magnificent music, almost totally unknown… while their sound would and should have made them total superstars years back.

I know: compared to other’s reviews we’ve done, this one probably feels like a clutter of praise, totally missing the description of the feelings the music evoked in me but really, what is there to say more than “beautiful”?

I just put my headphones on, press play, and suddenly I’m young again, listening to a beautiful album where no single song disappoints.

I’m sure that the words to perfectly describe this all are: “This is THE perfect retrowave album. Listen to it.”

Luca's favorite track in The Powers Divide

Here comes the part where I usually pick my favorite track in the album but this time It really does not exist.

All the songs are equally perfect for what they want to be and, for the very first time, it’s absolutely impossible for me to decide on one.

The whole album is made up of “the favorite song” that leaves a lasting impression and perfectly conveys the vibe we so much loved in the past.

The Powers Divide - Alex's Take

the powers divide blog image

I was impressed with how in this album, Le Groupe Fantastique managed to recreate the music and rhythm of Dance / Synthpop UK 80s, tidying up: The Human League, Rick Astley, or Pet Shop Boys…

The rhythm is so catchy, that’s impossible to resist swinging to it, thanks also to the retro sounds used in the various songs and to the oscillations of the voice that uses the same singing technique of many singers of the 80s!

Alex's favorite track in The Powers Divide


To conclude our music review, are you familiar with the meme “the perfect (something) doesn’t exi-” that’s used to show something particularly good?

I believe these are the best possible words one could use to describe this magnificent pop album.

The perfect retrowave album doesn’t exist.. or I should say didn’t exist, cause it definitely exists now, and it’s this one.

It’ll be pretty hard to find another album that captures so perfectly the vibes of that specific era and these amazing artists really deserve a lot more than they’re granted.

But here’s the beauty of the internet: if one person finds this music that person can share it around with others, that can share it around with more.

So share this around and be sure that as many people as possible will get to know about the beautiful music these guys are creating!

Remember: Art Can Be More!

Luca and Alex

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