Shimanski (ft. Lois L.) – Meet Me At The Mall

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Shimanski, a UK-born producer based between Vienna and Helsinki, he draws inspiration from retro sounds to create Synthwave/Synthpop tracks with strong nostalgic tones.

His main inspirations range from more modern genre producers, such as The Midnight and Mitch Murder, to classic ones like Depeche Mode and Rick Astley.

Today, we’re discussing his latest song, a collaboration with Lois L, titled “Meet Me At The Mall“.

Song ANalysis

Meet Me At The Mall,” as the artist himself describes it, is a song about the euphoria of true love, primarily inspired by the 80s era when malls were a constant gathering point for everyone, including couples.

Musically, the song offers a perfect retro sound, with a pulsating bass that serves as the backbone of the entire track, delicate and almost dreamy electronic sounds brimming with nostalgia, and a saxophone that adds emotion as only this fantastic instrument can.

Lois L’s voice is sweet and carries a delicateness in its tone that perfectly complements the synthetic/retro sounds of the song. The simple yet catchy melodies, intertwined with those of the saxophone, create a truly enjoyable and memorable experience.


Meet Me At The Mall” by Shimanski and Lois L is a cheerful and nostalgic song that brings to mind the colors and atmospheres of the 80s with a kind of lightness that soothes the soul, freeing it from the burdens of modern life.

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