We are eLxAr

Musicians aiming to bring positive change into our world with our art.

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I started studying as a pianist at age 8 but I’ve also always had an interest in many different art-related topics.  I’ve spent my last years studying and improving at many of them, including music production, mixing, mastering, graphic and web design, game design, game development, and pixel art.

Music Producer

Game Designer

Game Coding


I’ve studied and specialized in a vast array of skills: digital art, pixel art, watercolors, inking, painting, sculpting, fashion design, jewelry design/ crafting, metalsmithing, and cross stitching.

I’m also a trained make up artist, very passionate ABOUT writing and singing and currently training as Elxar lead vocalist.


Pixel/Digital Artist


Lei Bordo Bianco Silouhette Azzurra sfondo trasparente

Our Story

eLxAr Productions is a project created in 2021 by Luca and Alex.

Our journey started like many others, turning despair into determination, utilizing our skills and working hard to develop them in order to create a project that could both support us and inspire positive change in our world.

As nature enthusiasts, we love streams, forests, landscapes, sunsets, and all kinds of animals (Alex also has a fondness for insects). As long as eLxAr exists, it will always strive to fight against the exploitation of life, nature, animals, and humans in the name of the deity called “money”.

With a background in psychological support, primarily focusing on romantic relationships, psychological abuse, and manipulation of individuals, another subject that we consider of great importance is the mass manipulation of people that occurs daily on social media and other platforms, driven by the pursuit of power, control, and fame.

Our aim is to create art with a social impact, addressing social issues through specific stories and emotional exploration. Our main focus lies in retro-flavored electronic music (synthwave/retrowave/synthpop), and we are also pixel artists, illustrators, and game developersm even tho this specific side of the project is currently on hold.

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