Are We Playing a Dangerous Game of Love?

In a world where love often feels like a superficial game, genuine connections are overshadowed by selfish desires and deceit. Our song, "Game Of Love," reveals the raw reality behind romantic facades, exploring the painful aftermath of relationships built on lies.

Love today is, for the big majority of the time, nothing but a shithole filled with narcissism, petty desires and lies said only to satisfy one need for a couple of minutes of physical relief at the expense of someone else (or his/her own) mental and physical health).

It’s a game, nothing but a game, a game in which no one wins but everyone convinces themselves they are winners. A game in which there’s no “love”; just egoistic desire, but everyone in order to turn it into something socially acceptable calls it “Love” anyway. A web of emotions, a labyrinth of complexities, where genuine connections seem to have become entwined with superficial gestures and hidden agendas, blurring the lines between authenticity and deception.

The very essence of love appears to have transformed into a battleground where vulnerability meets cynicism, leaving us to question if what we seek is genuine companionship or merely fleeting moments veiled in deceit.

So, of course, we wrote a song about all of this.

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The Illusion of Love

In a world where swiping right or left has become the norm for initiating connections, one can’t help but wonder if genuine love has taken a backseat to fleeting interactions driven by superficiality and selfish desires. Have we replaced heartfelt emotions with carefully curated versions of ourselves designed to attract rather than truly connect? It’s disheartening to think that in the pursuit of love, many resort to manipulation or misuse others for personal gain, blurring the lines between affection and exploitation.

The distorted notion of love often portrayed by media has absolutely nothing to do with love anymore and it just loses all meaning as it becomes a different word to describe the act of satisfying oneself selfish physical desires, the next evolution in a line of mental manipulation that, via movies and such, convinced many that “Love”, is nothing but “obsession” and “desire”.

As technology advances at a rapid pace we lose authentic emotional connections, willingly sacrificing depth for convenience, opting for quick fixes over investing time and effort into nurturing genuine relationships.

The fear of vulnerability and commitment in a fast-paced society leads individuals to engage in shallow interactions under the guise of love while escaping the responsibility that comes with forming meaningful bonds.

The mental issues that our society promotes and normalizes in all of us, to the point that nowadays many fight for social recognition and acceptance of such illnesses, make for a society often composed of shallow individuals that can only think of personal gain and the pleasure to be had in a moment, if only just to escape the darkness of their own existence and the pain they lie about even to themselves, cause in the society of social media and influencer everyone has to “shine”.

This is all we talk about in our song “Game Of Love”.

A Retro Game Of Love

Retro synthpop, with its pulsating beats and nostalgic melodies, serves as a poignant backdrop to explore the intricate landscape of human relationships. This genre of music often delves deep into themes of love, heartbreak, and the complexities that come with emotional connections but in the way “Game Of Love” does.

What we’ve decided to do with this song was, by taking away all the fake romanticism and dreams, describe a real-life situation of how a person will feel after he/she has been lied to by someone who only wanted to use them for his/her own pleasure.

One of the many magics of retro synthpop lies in its ability to capture emotions that words sometimes fail to express alone. Through synthesized sounds and evocative lyrics, this genre manages to articulate the depths of human nature within the context of relationships. When we listen to tracks like “Game Of Love,” we are confronted with raw portrayals of vulnerability, trust issues, and the game-like dynamics love can sometimes entail. By exploring these intense emotions through music, we can better understand how societal issues such as deception and exploitation permeate our romantic lives. Retro synthpop becomes an avenue through which we dissect our actions and motivations in relationships.

Moreover, music stands as a powerful medium capable of shedding light on societal patterns that shape our understanding of love. Retro synthpop tunes, at least how we intend them, not only entertain us but also provoke introspection and reasoning on important subjects such as this one.. Through melodies that narrate tales of heartache or betrayal,you are encouraged to reflect on your own encounters with deceit or emotional manipulation in the realm of love.

By discussing how music mirrors these dark realities while offering glimmers of hope amidst chaos, we pave the way for honest conversations about navigating the treacherous waters of modern romance influenced by past echoes.

As the melodies from “Game Of Love” envelop your senses, pay close attention to the subtle nuances in the lyrics that challenge conventional notions of love and trust. The song acts as a cautionary tale, urging listeners to tread carefully in matters of the heart, wary of those who cloak their true motives in romantic gestures.

In dissecting the profound lyrics of “Game Of Love,” it becomes evident that beyond its catchy beats lies a message deeply entrenched in human vulnerability and treacherous emotional terrain, not to mention an accusation to a society that seems to be nurturing this kind of manipulative individuals with a strong intention, as if the goal was to have a population of childish superficial humans that only value the satisfaction of their own petty desires no matter the cost or the consequences.

This track serves as an anthem for those who have dared to venture into love’s labyrinthine maze only to emerge enlightened by its shadows. Through each verse and chorus, listeners are beckoned to confront their own experiences with love’s intricacies, pondering the authenticity behind every whispered promise or affectionate gesture: a reflective exercise that underscores the significance of seeking genuine connections amidst a world rife with facades and instability.

Looking Forward To The "Demons" Album

The “Demons” album transcends mere musical notes to delve into the depths of human emotion and relationships, serving as a poignant reflection on the darker aspects of our reality. Each track within this album acts as a narrative thread, intricately weaving tales of hurt and exploitation caused by individuals who masquerade as angels but reveal their demonic intentions underneath.

By exploring themes of emotional manipulation, deception, and vulnerability, the “Demons” album prompts listeners to embark on a journey of introspection regarding their own behaviors and interactions in relationships and every day life.

The songs within the album adopt a visceral approach to storytelling, vividly illustrating scenarios where emotional harm is inflicted under the guise of love or affection but that’s not all: in this album we decided to explore all the different ways humans are exploited by demons in disguise by analyzing not only social interactions, but also media manipulation, abuse of power and important themse such as “War”.

They look like us, but they’re not like us, we might say.

By embracing the impactful themes threaded within the album’s compositions, individuals are challenged to recognize malevolent forces at play.

The Search for Authentic Connections

Everything starts inside ourselves. In a world were every individual is socially encouraged to accept their inner demons, fighting not to cure them but to force them upon everyone else and have them accepted as normal, I say that the only way for us to improve as individuals is the opposite, harder and demonized way: accepting that we have problems and striving to solve them instead of just hugging them and expect everyone to be ok with them.

The more we base our own identity on the traumas, on the desires, on the personality disorders, on the fears, and so on… the more we destroy ourselves and others around us in the process, especially when, in order to satisfy the demons inside of us, we lie and exploit others, leaving them broken after our passage.

I believe that the “human” condition is somehow of an in between and, depending on our choices and actions, we can develop into something different, that can either be more or less than humans. Light or darkness, good or evil.

Let’s just not pick the Demon’s side.


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