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Isidor is an exceptionally talented music producer based in Serbia.

Inspired by artists such as Carpenter Brut, DWTD, and Droid Bishop, Isidor’s hallmark is “energy” intricately woven with the magical melodies of retro synth music.

His latest album, STYGIAN,

is a fusion of nostalgia and energy, blending various styles while maintaining a retro aesthetic as its core foundation. It stands as a high-level work of art that any music enthusiast should listen to at least once.

Now, let’s delve a bit deeper into this marvelous production.

Luca's Take

Rarely have I found myself listening to an album that manages to combine such high-level production with continuous and consistent surprises, a breathtaking narrative, and so much emotion.

STYGIAN, by Isidor, is truly a revelation from various perspectives because, despite the foundation upon which the entire album is built (except for the final surprise) being that of Synthwave/Cyberpunk, full of fast-paced rhythms and energy, the different tracks have been filled with small and unexpected surprises in the form of sounds we wouldn’t normally expect to find in this type of production.

From the trumpet in the very first track to the surprise of the last track created in pure Lo-Fi style, the surprises are numerous and constant, all without losing the album’s sonic identity.

It’s truly an outstanding piece of work.

Luca's favourite track in STYGIAN

My favorite track on STYGIAN is number 4, “Electrify.”

It might seem strange that, after what I’ve written about the album and its full of surprises, my favorite turns out to be the one that perhaps comes closest to the “standard” sound of this musical genre.

It might be my own background as a producer, but there are some elements in this track that fascinate me immensely. First and foremost, the bass has an extremely distinctive sound to my ears, more “electric” than what I’m accustomed to. Moreover, it’s seasoned with small details, probably modulated by resonant filters, that make it truly unique.

It’s these little details, combined with the track’s energy and the extremely high production quality, that make “Electrify” irresistible to me.

Alex's Take

First of all, before listening to the album, I recommend reading the story!

This album is impressive both in terms of narrative and melody. Narratively, the singer provides a brief description in an epic Sci-Fi style of what happens in the album but without giving away too much information and without specifying the ending. Musically, it’s a very intriguing album, combining various styles, playing and blending Retro/Cyber/Synth/R’n’B style variations. I was particularly impressed by the use of the trumpet in one of the tracks; I liked it a lot and found it very evocative and nostalgic!

Although in some tracks, I felt like I heard arpeggios with dark sounds, overall the tracks were always full of uplifting energy, like an eternal struggle not to let evil prevail.

Alex's favourite track in STYGIAN

My favorite track is number 5 – Antarctica!

Its melody is like a break from the hectic activity, refreshing the mind with thoughts of white expanses crossed on a snowcat, without a destination, only one direction, always forward!

Another thing I like about this track is its arpeggiated sound, which reminds me of winter in Stardew Valley, as if it’s emanating from the ice stalactites!



STYGIAN by “Isidor” is a wonderful album: energetic, powerful, nostalgic, and surprisingly creative. We highly recommend listening to it and purchasing it.

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Best regards,

Luca & Alex

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