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Danswell and the Symptoms is a solo musical project created and managed by Dan Tanswell, hailing from Cardiff, United Kingdom.

Today, we are talking about their latest single titled “Calling“.


Like leaves in autumn
You’re stuck home again
Now that the summers done

Out for someone
To save you
Now that the sun is gone

So come with me it’s not far
It doesn’t matter who you are
So come with me it’s not far
And they don’t care what ails your heart

Your eyes out
You destroyed it
and each other too

Out for someone
Anyone who’ll save you
Now that the storm has come

So come with me it’s not far
It doesn’t matter who you are
So come with me it’s not far
And they don’t care what ails your heart
So come with me it’s not far
It doesn’t matter who you are
So come with me it’s not far
And they don’t care what ails your heat

The song's meaning

“Calling is a song about hope,” says Dan, “a rescue after a potentially lethal event for the world and humanity.”

In the end, this is where we also find ourselves in our daily reality: in a situation where this world and the people who inhabit it are led, by blind institutional trust, by a group of powerful individuals interested only in their own power towards destruction.

Alarmist? Perhaps.

Conspiratorial thinking? Maybe that too.

The fact remains that people are dying, there are more and more wars, the poor are getting poorer, and the rich are getting richer, and I don’t think anyone can contest these simple truths.

So maybe we should all listen to the “calling”  and change direction, heading towards a better, more peaceful, and serene future.

Musical Analisys and opinions

Dan’s musical style is, at this point, after listening to and reviewing several of his songs, quite clear and well-defined.

It’s a raw yet powerful style that, in my opinion, is the perfect example of what music is and should be: a means to touch people’s hearts, sensitize them to important topics, make them reflect, and stir their emotions.

Too often nowadays, we find ourselves listening to music that is “technically perfect” but lacks soul, devoid of meaning, cold, a collection of notes placed there because they sound good, perfectly shaped, clean… but nothing more.

Danswell & The Symptoms, on the other hand, captures the essence of music, the real kind, made of powerful and meaningful messages, and gives it full relevance, infusing it with their convictions, with raw and undeniably real emotional power. It might not be technically perfect, but it’s much more moving and touching than many other productions often deemed “more professional.”

I love this choice. I love this way of making music. I wholeheartedly approve of this mentality and share it completely.

This is real music.


Calling is another fantastic song by Danswell & The Symptoms, an artist I’ve come to love, and despite the stylistic differences, I wholeheartedly share his philosophy.

Another powerful song, brimming with emotions, which, despite deviating from the technical quality standards that the modern world often imposes on musical productions, contains more genuine music in 30 seconds than many other “more skilled” artists in entire albums.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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