The Best Synthwave // Synthpop Music of 2023

Best Synthwave Synthpop of 2023 cover art

Selection Criteria

The year 2023 is coming to an end, and this means it’s time to look back and select all the tracks and songs released in 2023 to try to identify the best ones—the “masterpieces” that can truly represent, at least musically, the year that has just passed.

In order to be part of our list, all tracks (except one, which we will discuss shortly) had to undergo a rigorous selection process based on the following criteria:

1. Any friendship/acquaintance with the artists does not matter.

2. The artist’s “fame” does not matter: musicians with 1 million followers are as valuable as those with only 10 followers.

3. Music is about messages and emotions, so unless the mixing quality is blatantly poor, it is not taken into consideration.

4. No production using AI (detected through specific software) for both music and/or cover image has been considered: currently, AI technology relies on the unauthorized use of others’ art, and therefore, we will not support tracks created using its utilization.

5. As there are two of us, for a track to be included in this list, it had to receive approval from both. Any track that received approval from only one of us was discarded.

Within the article, you will find:

1. The official playlist of the ranking.

2. A song selected by the community to be part of this list.

3. The actual list.

4. The announcement of the artist of the year selected by us for 2023.

Let’s start with the list of the best synthwave  // synthpop music of 2023, reminding everyone that this is not a “top 10,” and the songs are not listed in order of “score.” Instead, all are equally deserving. Also, tastes are personal, so if you don’t find a track you think should be included, don’t get upset but suggest it to us by sending an email to “[email protected]“.

The Best Synthwave // Synthpop Music of 2023 - Official Playlist

Along with the article you are reading, we have created a dedicated playlist on Spotify that includes all the selected tracks. Don’t forget to follow it and enjoy.

Community's Requested Track

Let’s start with the only song that was not chosen by us: our “The Void Within” was requested as part of the list by some users in the community. Since we believe it would be a conflict of interest to independently choose our own track as the “best,” it was subsequently selected through a public poll that ended with an impressive 92% positive votes.

The Void Wirthin Online Poll

The Best Synthwave // Synthpop Music of 2023




Vylt - Vybrancy

Feather - Blood Is Heat

Peter Aries - Chromatic Rider

Lauri Järvilehto - Aliens Don't change Lanes

Bunny X - The Forever War


Walter Alienson & Minute Taker - Reach Back Through Time

NEAON - The Return (The Other Side Reprise)

Jay Wires - Ghost

Mad Maverick - Gravity Of Time

Star Madman - Go Get It

Panoramic Duo - Chasing The Sunrise

Mayah Camara & SelloRekt / LA Dreams - That's how I knew

Non Stop Erotic Cabaret - dEATH fROM aBove

LLUVA & Star Madman - Surface

Badidol - Dreamcatcher

Montage Collective & Maxx Silver - Unfinished Boy - Alter

IZZIE - Porcelain

Synthwave Artist Of The Year 2023

Neon prize Cup 2023 Synthwave Artist Of The Year Star Madman website

As we reach the end of our selection, it’s time to choose the artist of the year 2023 in the Synth music world, and when the quality is so high, it’s always challenging to make a decision.

Yet, there’s an artist who, in our opinion, based on this just-compiled list, has stood out more than others, earning multiple mentions within this article.

Therefore, we are pleased to nominate the Synthwave artist of the year for 2023…


The only artist who, with “Go Get It” and the collaboration with LLUVA on “Surface,” has managed to be selected more than once.

Congratulations from us!

All the best,

Luca & Alex



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