The 2 Pillars Of The eLxAr Project

The PIllars

Last time, in the first post of this little blog, I explained the circumstances in which the eLxAr project was created, as well as how we came up with such a “strange” but meaningful name for us.

Obviously, we didn’t stop there, otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing now. In addition to the name and objectives, in fact, we committed ourselves to delineating “specific” concepts, let’s say “pillars” on which to base everything else, such as songs, messages, behaviors.

In this post, therefore, I want to talk to you about what the 2 “Pillars”, ethical/moral, of the eLxAr project are.

#1 we don't show ourselves

And right here, the scandal: in a society of appearances, not being seen? In a world where even going grocery shopping prompts a photo with your chest out to post on social media? In a world where even animals are photographed by their owners for more or less successful social profiles?

Well, just think about what I’ve just said to understand, perhaps, the reasons behind our choice.

In the modern world, human beings and life have almost completely lost their importance. People are convinced by social media, the prospect of fame and earnings, by extremely tight propaganda, to sell themselves, as if they were steaks, with filters and modifications that serve as the coloring that makes a piece of meat look more “succulent.”

Sure, they tell you that showing yourself means being free, uncaring of opinions… but the reality is exactly the opposite, and all that’s being done is pushing people to turn themselves into products for sale, more or less sexualized, hoping for something that will never come: the satisfaction of living.

That’s why we, as long as society persists in this cruel commodification of life, do not show ourselves: first and foremost are thoughts, music, messages.

Only once did I break this “pillar” for an interview, and this won’t happen a second time given the worsening of things since then in this regard, even though this choice has already, and often, made us targets of sarcasm and ridicule from many people who apparently believe that if a thought is not accompanied by a face, the thought has no value.

#2 the good of all first, money after

Money, as we’ve been experiencing for years now, is nothing more than a means of control that often turns people into something very similar to “demons.”

I can imagine those who devised the entire system thinking: “Let’s make everything in life depend on money, so that anyone with money can compare everything and everyone, doctors, scientists, citizens… so if they don’t agree to sell themselves, we’ll cut their funds and goodbye, poof… vanished.”

Day after day, we see figures from the entertainment industry, healthcare professionals, politicians… doing and saying anything they’re told to do by whoever waves the biggest check in front of them, to the detriment of all the good people who inhabit this planet.

So yes, from the very beginning, our choice has been not to chase “fame,” not to alter our vision based on what could bring us gain, but to follow without doubts what we considered to be the path that could bring benefit not to us, but to the world we inhabit and to the beings that inhabit it.

This choice initially reflected in the selection of topics addressed with our music and, subsequently, when we had the opportunity after ending relations with our first record label, in the decision to make all our work 100% free for everyone.

Unfortunately, until society changes, living without money is fundamentally impossible, except in rare cases and with extensive preparation for survival within the natural world. But we have both a vision and a belief concerning the human race.

The vision is of a world where people can survive through mutual cooperation, without necessarily struggling for personal gain.

The belief is that people are fundamentally good if given the chance.

With this vision and belief firmly embedded in our hearts and minds, our choice to make everything free was easy because we are convinced that over time, people will, of their own initiative and spontaneously, support us if they find what we do useful to them and their worldview.

Our project, our very survival, therefore relies solely and exclusively on the voluntary donations of those who follow us, who can help us by joining our membership for a few euros by CLICKING HERE.

And next time we're talking about...

These are the two pillars that guide every one of our actions: the refusal to commodify life and the refusal to put money ahead of everything else.

Next time, I was thinking of sharing with you what is a bit of my personal “dream” for the future of this project, something that I would really like to achieve but for now is something extremely distant.

Until next time!

All the best,


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