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Dark Saints Sinistar Review Cover

The Dark Saints project, from England, draws inspiration from various musical genres such as synthwave, goth, and darkwave to create dark and sometimes eerie tracks, but undeniably powerful and deeply resonating for anyone who loves electronic genres with more distorted sounds.

We hope you have a good pair of headphones because the experience would be significantly amplified.

Musical Analysis

I greatly appreciate a good instrumental track, yet when I put on the reviewer’s hat, I find these to be much more difficult to interpret compared to those containing vocals.

The absence of lyrics makes it complicated to understand the creator’s intentions, the message they wanted to convey, and the emotions they aimed to share with you, especially in the absence of specific information from the artist.

For this reason, I believe the only way to do justice to a track like this is to focus on the sound quality and the emotions it evokes in me.

The percussion is powerful and resonates within you, just like the gritty bass that fills the atmosphere, making it somewhat sharp, as if you were riding a motorcycle through a frozen wasteland, with shards of ice scratching your skin.

The more melodic sounds create dark yet epic emotions, as if we are venturing to attack a mansion or perhaps a castle in a cyberpunk world of technology and neon lights, under the control of some evil sect or organization.

Many parts of this track would work damn well as soundtracks for video games like Deus Ex or Cyberpunk.


Sinistar” is a track with dark and epic emotions, and its blend of synthwave and cyberpunk genres would be perfect as a soundtrack for an action video game set in dark and technological worlds.

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