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Eden Future is quite a mysterious figure: we don’t have any information about him other than that he’s supposedly located somewhere in Chicago, Illinois, and he considers himself a “cyberpunk rocker” as well as an experimental retrowave/synthwave music producer.

But does having information about an artist truly matter, or should their art, in this case musical, be sufficient?

The answer might come through a thorough analysis of his latest track “Electric Cobra,” a collaboration with Damokles.

Track Analysis

As much as I particularly love music that’s rich in meaning and important messages, every now and then, it’s liberating – I dare say, necessary – to listen to something that allows you to clear your mind and simply be carried away by the emotions of the notes or, as in the case of “Electric Cobra,” by the energy of the melodies.

“Electric Cobra” is exactly this: pure energy.

Powerful percussion, fast-paced melodies, sounds that alternate between warm and cold, sometimes even edgy or “metallic,” and an overall sense of nostalgia that permeates the entire composition, especially for those of us who are old-time gamers!

In fact, the track’s energy strongly echoes the rock/electronic vibes of classic video game soundtracks like those from the Megaman series, albeit maintaining a much higher quality and a more modern instrumentation, of course.

Anyone who spent their childhood in front of those small pixel art gems can’t help but feel a nostalgic tug at their heartstrings as the power of “Electric Cobra” (which could easily be the name of one of the game’s bosses) transports them back to their youth.


Electric Cobra” by Eden Future and Damokles is a powerful instrumental track that took me back to my youth when I was an avid video gamer, and my favorite game was the classic “Megaman.” Retro melodies, the intensity of action games, and modern production – what more could you ask for?

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