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Last Survivor are masters at achieving something that many desires, but very few actually reach.

A lot of 80s-inspired songs don’t sound like the 80s at all.

In fact, most people would be hard-pressed to find even a single song that sounds like it is from the 80s.

The reason for this is that so many of these songs, no matter how beautiful, are in reality inspired by the nostalgia and imagination of the past, but are not faithful to the real thing.

The 80s were a time when synthesizers dominated the pop music landscape. So it’s no surprise that synth-heavy songs from the decade have influenced many recent releases, but many of them just fail at capturing the sound of the era.

Last Survivor’s Kill For Love album, as a whole has a very “past” and “retro” vibe to it.

From its release Last Survivor already got a vast amount of praise for their work but what is it that makes “Kill For Love” Special?

Kill For Love - Luca's TAKE

Can an album be dark, dreamy, magical and epic all at the same time?

I may have doubted such a production could exist before but I’ll have to admit that Last Survivor and their album Kill For Love really made me change my mind.

This is everything real retro-inspired music should be, especially if more on the pop side: a bit on the dark/warm side, powerful, evocative.. but still with a lush atmosphere and drenched in all kinds of emotions.

The way they play with the synths, creating soundscapes from super simple melodies yet evoking all different kinds of emotions, from melancholic to epic, is just breathtaking.

Luca's favourite track:

My favorite track on the album was without a doubt “Ashes to Ashes”.

I found the melodics have two very distinct emotions: the beginning is extremely epic, actually one of the most epic-sounding synth track I’ve heard in a very long time and it creates a strong sense of anticipation.

After that, the chorus was extremely uplifting, as if a message of great hope or a happy ending just suddenly appeared.

Still, the lyrics were somehow in contrast with the feeling that the sounds made me feel.

Somehow abstract, the message was not 100% clear and in between the natural imaginary, it kinda felt as if the goal was to rise above others, obtain attention, maybe something worse than attention, even with force if possible.

Not sure if it was just a fantasy or something more.

Nevertheless, the song was the one that stuck with me the most, and the first one that always came to mind when I decide to hear this amazing work of art.

Kill For Love - Alex's take

Alex's favourite track:


Last Survivor’s Kill For Love is a beautiful album.

It really captures the vibe of the past, blending together the warmness of retro-sounding music with some more nostalgic-driven vibes.

If you strive for epic electronic vibes you will definitely enjoy Kill For Love!

So what can you do now?

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Remember, ART CAN BE MORE!

Luca and Alex

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