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We have never been avid jazz music “tasters”, but doing our best to keep an open mind to every experience, when we came across this album, we didn’t hesitate.

I used the word “tasters” because certain music is not something to be casually listened to while driving, but rather something to be savored slowly, like a fine wine, in a relaxing and suitable environment. “The Ages” by Richard Davies is the perfect example of music to be savored.

And if, after savoring the product carefully, it turns out to be excellent and something that everyone could enjoy? Then, one does everything to share the discovery, just as we are doing with this review.

The Ages - Luca's Take

When I hear the word “Jazz,” my mind immediately goes to scenes in movies where different musicians play together without sheet music, often improvising and creating chaotic yet powerful and emotional music.

I must admit that I have never been a big fan of this genre of music, but that should only add value to the fact that I find myself, to my surprise, writing a review of an album that draws its inspiration from Jazz.

This album is a blend of Jazz and lounge music that, through the fusion of styles, manages to create some of the most relaxing tracks I have ever heard.

But it’s not just about relaxation: it’s about pure emotion, it’s about being transported outside the chaos of reality (which is ironic because Jazz has always been “chaos” for me) into a magical and calming inner world.

Luca's favorite track in "The Ages"

The Ages - Alex's take

jazz musician with a sax in his right hand

Alex's favorite track in "The Ages"

My favorite track is RD Aged 47. The slow tempo and the combination of sax, piano, and electronic instruments create a sense of calm and inner peace, despite the feeling of solitude that permeates it.

It’s as if the protagonist allows themselves a moment of reflection, immersing into their deepest thoughts before resurfacing with a newfound awareness and understanding of oneself.

A piece to be listened to during moments of tranquility, when one desires to take a pause and discover and embrace their true self.


The Ages” by Richard Davies is an extraordinary and surprisingly relaxing introspective experience.

Thanks to the fusion of the creative freedom typical of jazz music and the more soothing lounge style, this wonderful musical work manages to connect with our inner self, almost comforting it, and providing serenity and courage for the future.

What do you think about it? Leave a comment in the section below!

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All the best,

Luca & Alex



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