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As we read on their Spotify profile, The Lazy Dayz is a German rock band formed in 2018 with the union of drummer and composer Sascha Rostalski, guitarist and composer Tony Coeurjoly, and guitarist Kevin “Kiwi” Nowak. The lineup was completed in 2019 with the addition of bassist Timo Junemann and singer Ingo Hahn.

Today, we’re going to talk about their album “Poems For a Post-Fact World,” released in 2023.

If you like your music powerful yet rich with various meanings, ranging from the most personal to those related to the planet’s social vision, and if you seek depth beyond modern superficiality, then keep reading.

Luca's Point Of View

“Poems for a Post-Fact World” is a complex album that left me at times speechless and at times intrigued.

The music is powerful, with a strong and clear voice amidst the sounds, made special by the distinctive timbre of the singer, which fits perfectly with this type of music.

However, in the lyrics of the songs, in my humble opinion, is where the real value of this work resides.

Some songs seem to be written in relation to purely personal experiences and emotions, while others explicitly aim to point fingers at certain current situations in modern life, in a decidedly resolute manner, laden with meaning.

In both cases, the messages are presented in a way I like to describe as “poetically raw” because, despite the various metaphors used, the lyrics always remain simple and real, evoking powerful emotions that all of us probably experience in the course of our lives.

Luca's Favourite Song

Poems For a Post-Fact World” is full of wonderful songs, such as “Twist of Fate” or “Desperate Man“, but my favorite is definitely “Do It Right“.

For me, this song is nothing but a reproach to all those people who love to talk, talk, and talk, merely moving their tongue instead of taking action and turning their words into deeds. Perhaps they then spend their time complaining and getting depressed because things don’t go as they wish, maybe hating and criticizing all those who strive their best.

Just do it, do it right,” says the song, a kind of more poetic “move your ass” that has musically won me over.

Alex's point of view

As soon as I started listening to it, I was pleasantly surprised by the singer’s very charismatic voice and the catchy, energetic guitar melodies, which throughout the entire album reminded me of the style of some of the rock/alternative bands I loved and still love to listen to, like Alice In Chains and Creed.

The lyrics tackle current and profound subjects, highlighting a sense of confusion and alienation, while at the same time evoking a feeling of hope and rebellion in contrast. Each track has a different rock nuance, making the album intriguing, reflective, and at the same time, familiar and stimulating.

Alex's Favourite Song

Among all of them, my favorite song is “Fading Flame,” even though both the melody and lyrics are melancholic, they awaken a sense of nostalgia and depth of emotional connection for those who are no longer with us.

The tone of the vocals and the guitar arpeggio make it a melancholic ballad that digs deep into the soul and prompts reflection on the passage of time, the sense of loss and distance from one’s father (or mother, in cases where there is no father), but also the struggle to keep their memory and teachings alive.


Poems For a Post-Fact World The Lazy Days cover art.jfif

Poems For a Post-Fact World by The Lazy Days, is a return to a rock sound that might be reminiscent of another era but remains relevant, filled with powerful ideas sung from the heart. Anyone who claims to love rock should give a listen to this album at least once.

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All the best,

Luca & Alex

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