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We happened to stumble upon a song by &Tilly purely by chance, and it was love at first sight, or rather, at first listen.

After the initial listen, we immediately went searching for more information about the band and discovered an entire project of astonishing quality, far superior to many others that have more media relevance.

It’s a project filled with emotions, sweetness, melancholy… and it directly strikes the chords of a person’s soul.

So today, we’re talking about the latest album by &Tilly, titled “Hurdless“.

Hurdless -Luca's Take

This album is something difficult to explain: it’s sweet, melodic, moving… but at a level beyond what we’re generally accustomed to.

The music is clean, one might say simple, perhaps for many less “impactful” compared to the more trendy productions of today, yet it surpasses every other production heard so far in terms of pure emotion.

It’s a kind of music that, calmly and gently, seems to give the middle finger to the modern mainstream music world, effortlessly surpassing it by far, and most importantly, without any evident intention to do so.

No limits, no genre constraints, to the point where it’s difficult for me to decide which music genre this album should belong to: pop? Dreampop? Does it lean more towards the chill genre or maybe synth?

The only thing that can be said is that this is the “&Tilly” genre, and it’s wonderful as pure, liberated self-expression.

Luca's Favourite Song in Hurdless

Considering we live in a world where if a song lasts more than two minutes people complain it’s “too long,” it seems fair and appropriate that after listening to the entire album, my favorite was, without a shadow of a doubt, “Easy Way Out,” with a duration of 6 minutes and 16 seconds: coincidentally the longest.

Not only is it very sweet, as per &Tilly’s style, but it also has a kind of mysterious aura, sometimes melancholic yet incredibly powerful, keeping my ears glued to the headphones as if I had applied instant adhesive.

Truly a wonderful song.

Hurdless -Alex's Take

Listening to just one song was enough to make me search for more… the album and the artist. In this case, the artists. And here it is: “Hurdless,” which, in my opinion, is much more than a simple album; it’s an empathic sensory experience.

It features a melodic & dreamy synth-pop style that creates a refined and unique sonic environment, capturing attention from the very first notes. One of the most striking aspects of the album is the depth of its lyrics.

Each song feels like a journey into the human soul, exploring themes such as loneliness, self-discovery, self-acceptance, and the words are woven with astonishing mastery, conveying complex emotions in a direct yet poetic manner.

The musical and vocal melodies are like waves gently breaking on the shores of our thoughts, creating an ethereal and enveloping atmosphere where every note, every word, is placed with care to shape a work that resonates in the soul. It brings back the same sensation I used to get when listening to some of Schiller’s songs, but with a delicate and ethereal voice like that of Dido or Enya.

Alex's Favourite Song In Hurdless


“Hurdless” by &Tilly is a truly magical album that, without any apparent pretensions, effortlessly surpasses any other work I’ve heard so far simply by being pure expressiveness translated into music.

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Best regards,

Luca & Alex

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