Strange Eyes’s There’s Too Much Beauty In This Beast

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My first impact with Strange EyesThere’s too much beauty in this beast” was a strange one: as the first track played I had a weird sensation of the unknown as if the music I was listening to had something “off.

The first sound was the bass, driving onward like in the most classic “synth” track but in a subtle way, reminding me of many little clouds of smoke trembling in the cold air.

Then the other sounds appear: the percussions felt “ambient and chill” while the melodics maintaining a relaxing vibe was vibrant and powerful

I couldn’t give proper sense to the mix, unable to understand what the emotion Strange Eyes wanted to convey.

Then the journey started

After the voice pops in, everything blends perfectly into an image relying on cold colors dancing around and creating surprisingly strong energy.

From there started the journey in a strange but beautiful world, making me experience different emotions: uncertainty, emotional fragilitymelancholy… but always with that underlining sensation of something magical lingering.

I didn’t use the word journey in a lighthearted way: each song feels like a step in a quest looking for something you can’t understand yet but feels valuable.

And at the end of the rainbow...

The hidden treasure at the end of this inner exploration was strength. 

All the emotions emanating from Strange Eyes’ “There’s Too Much Beauty In This Beast” converge on one concept: we are fragile but magical; strong enough to turn scary into beautiful. 

That same beauty we should fill the world with.


Do you agree with my conclusion?

Let me know in the comments below!

And since you’re at it let Strange Eyes know what you thought of her work!

Remember: Art Can Be More!


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