Danswell & The Sympthoms – Somnambulism

Single Music Review Cover Danswell and the sympthoms somnambulism

Danswell and the Symptoms is a solo musical project created and managed by Dan Tanswell, from Cardiff, UK.

Today, we are talking about their single titled “Somnambulism“.


We’re sleep walking
Towards our future
Mouths are open wide
A willing consumer
Malignant pesticides
Enrage the tumour
So don’t you think it’s time
It’s time that you were

Woken! Woken!
Woken! Woken!

Open your eyes
You’ve slept for many tides
And open your heart to
Hillsides and landslides
There is no time left for dreaming
If the word has change it’s meaning
You’ve seen it, You’ve been it
The stars are convening

Woken! Woken!
Woken! Woken!

Wake now! Wake now!
Wake now! Wake now!

Wake now from your sleep
Wake now from your sleep
Wake now from your sleep
Wake now from your sleep
Wake now from your sleep
Wake now from your sleep
Wake now from your sleep
Wake now from your sleep
Wake now from your sleep

The Song's Meaning

It doesn’t take much to understand that this song is nothing more than a cry addressed to all those people who, with their eyes fixed on the media, now accept as true every fictional narrative that is presented to them, becoming increasingly unable, day by day, to see reality for what it is, leaving others to build it for them.

An army of sleepwalkers who, without realizing it, walk and force others to walk towards a precipice from which there is no escape.

We, on this topic, have created an entire album, SAMSARA, Danswell have managed to deal with it with just one song and to do it with his usual raspy power, I would say almost red-hot, like an indelible mark left burned in the soul.

Musical Analisys

Percussions with a strong impact and guitars that linger in the ears even after the song is over, forcing the mind to think back to the sounds and the evocative lyrics of the song.

The voice is, as always, more raspy than melodic, but precisely for this reason it remains impressed as something with a very strong emotional impact, which perfectly conveys the powerful emotions that the singer wants to represent with his performance.


Danswell and the sympthoms somnambulism Cover Art

Somnambulism is yet another powerful song by Danswell & The Symptoms, who once again proves themselves masters at creating music that goes beyond simple mass distraction, imbued with current and important messages.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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