Cat Temper – Nineteen Eighty-Fur

Cat temper nineteen eighty fur cover art

Cat Temper is a regular on this site, at least when it comes to reviews of his music, and rightly so! To date, I don’t think there has been an album of his that wasn’t worth mentioning, starting with Furio, moving on to Mystic Kitten, and now arriving at today’s album: Nineteen Eighty-Fur.

Nineteen Eighty-Fur

Rhythmic, at times powerful, always mysterious, yet always imbued with that playful style that distinguishes Cat Temper’s productions, Nineteen Eighty-Fur is exactly what we could expect: a musical experience that is an adventure in every note and every sound.

Some time ago, on social media, I came across a channel that focused on feline adventures: several cats, each with a camera attached to their collar, were set free so that viewers could see life through their eyes.

Cat Temper’s productions are always permeated with similar sensations, but pushed more towards fantasy and the unrealistic. So in each track, you can imagine cats facing the most diverse adventures in the most diverse environments, from the Egyptian pyramids explored in previous works to finding themselves, at least in my imagination, on an 80s stage playing “Happy Tails” together.

The sound quality is top-notch, and it could not be otherwise given the experience of both Cat Temper and Von Hertzog, who regularly works on the final master of his works.

There are many tracks on Nineteen Eighty Fur that deserve praise, but my absolute favorite was “Purruption,” which closes the album with the “pulsating” sounds of retro music that have always fascinated me and can also be heard in our own music.

What a splendid way to conclude the album!


Cat temper nineteen eighty fur cover art

Nineteen Eighty Fur is a nostalgic, powerful, and mysterious album, but I would also call it “playful.” Without taking itself too seriously, it provides the listener with a profound experience that is at times dark, but at the same time light and fun.

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