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Today I find myself writing a review that fills my soul with joy because it perfectly embodies the reasons why this section of the website exists:

1.To give visibility to artists who don’t have it.
2.To give visibility to music that is more than just a simple mass distraction.

Today I am reviewing a song whose singer is almost unknown, to the point that I was unable to find information beyond the name and the link on Spotify, and one of his songs, whose lyrics are simply magical and representative of the mindset of many people who, nowadays, just want the power to change things and bring a bit of hope and humanity back to the world.

We’re talking about Stefano Manenti with his song “Se Fossi Dio,” (If I Were God) which, to illustrate how trash is broadcasted to the world while quality and kindness of spirit are not, has only 3 listeners on Spotify as of today.

Translated Lyrics

If I could suddenly stop famine
If I could discover the cure for a disease
If I could spread love
If I could heal a pain
If only I could give a little joy

If I knew how to bring peace where it’s absent
If I knew that of the universes, I am the king
If I knew how to find a foothold
After sacrificing my son
I would show humans that, deep down,
There is a remedy

If I were God
I would console
Those who can’t make it
Those who are now old

If I were God
I would take back
The reins of
A world now in chaos

If I could look at the Earth from above
If I could help those living in poverty
If I could speak to tyrants
Lift everyone from their troubles
If only I could reveal the truth

If I were God
I would take care
No more excuses
For follies and slavery

If I were God
I would restore
In this reality

If I knew how to fill the silences
Of those who have
Resigned themselves to the idea that the world
Is just the way it is
If I knew how to prevent horror
And redeem a sinner
I would show humans that it’s true
That there is a God

If I were God
I would take back
The reins of
A world now in chaos

If I were God
But it’s Me

The song's meaning

I love this song: it’s thrilling, full of emotion, and perfectly captures the state of real people, those who are given little visibility.

We are all trapped inside a circus of horrors, forced to observe day after day nothing but cruelty and tragedies, compelled to think that people are mostly bad, stupid, now too standardized, and submissive to a system that manipulates them like puppets… but is it really so?

Personally, I tend to believe it’s not. I think we are indeed facing a show we are obligated to watch, passed off as reality. I believe that the screen that conveys our gaze is controlled by someone who has an interest in making everyone believe they are alone when, in fact, once the few who are completely devoid of humanity are eliminated, all the people who remain perpetually obscured are still good, experiencing discomfort, feeling it deeply, and just wishing for the strength to change things.

A humanity that is still good, still human, but separated by screens that make them believe they are alone.

In my opinion, this song represents the mindset of this humanity and its desire to bring goodness back to this earth, while the ending represents the discouragement that grips the hearts of all of us, hindering action.

We should remember that we are God, that in each of us there is a small part of God, and therefore, once all the parts come together, there is no earthly force that can stop them.

Musical Analisys

Light music at its best, blending classical instruments like piano and guitar with more electronic sounds in a warm and emotionally rich mix that represents both the classic and the innovative.

Excellent mixing and composition, perfect production, and high-quality recordings.

I personally loved the piano operating in the background for most of the time, taking the spotlight at the end, just enough to add emotion and sweetness to the finale


Se Fossi Dio Stefano Manenti Cover Art

“Se Fossi Dio” by Stefano Manenti is a song that strikes deep because it is perfectly representative of a collective humanity that is still good but obscured by the circus of the media.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

All the best,


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