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We Come In Peace - Luca's Take

This new EP by Badidol has a sense of randomness to it, at least to my ears. It doesn’t quite capture, in terms of my personal emotional receptor for music, the project’s title, clearly inspired by an alien encounter. However, despite not adhering to a specific theme, it still manages to be extremely enjoyable to listen to.

The EP’s three instrumental tracks are full of tension, strength, and mystery, making them suitable to be the soundtrack for a wide range of visions. This allows the listener to employ their imagination in creating a completely personal experience that harmonizes perfectly with the sound.

In my case, for instance, the second track, “Illusions,” evoked images of an underwater world, filled with floating plants and lights.

I would be curious to know what images form in your mind as you listen to these tracks, and if you’d like to share that in the comments at the end of the article, I would greatly appreciate it!

We Come In Peace - Alex's Take


With this new EP, Badidol has managed to create three tracks that resonate in harmony not only with the artist’s intended message but also with the personal imagination of the listener. Despite departing from a more personal sonic style in favor of something more classic, the EP adapts perfectly to various fantasies and visions.

For this reason alone, it should earn a place in every fan’s collection.

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