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Bunny X, with Young & In Love, managed to achieve something very valuable to me.

Looking back at my youth I have lots of summer memories.

Holidays, sun, sea, the strong smell of the pines surrounding the tents, the salt drying on my skin.

A little bit further in time are the first crushes, the heartbreaks, the bittersweetness of days whose fullness was both radiant and exciting and at the same time powerful and hurtful.

Bunny X‘s “Young & In Love” felt like Abigail and Mary captured the emotions of those years.
The resulting album was a strong contender for “best album of the year 2021“.


Every song in “Young & In Love” tackle a different aspect of the emotions felt the first time attraction gets a hold on us.

Romance, obsession, hope, dreams, excitement, and a little bit of pain: none excluded.

The album makes for a powerful bittersweet journey through dreamy nostalgia, bitter memories, and encouragements and it will have you look back at your worst experiences from a different and more positive perspective, creating the realization that everything that happened was a long journey worth living.


The song I’ve connected with the most has to be “Who Cares What They Say

It’s such an outstanding song on so many levels that it has different paths to connect with.

I believe Abigail and Mary intended it to be related to the judgments we all get from acquaintances and relatives about our crushes, but it can link even deeper on other social levels.

In the world, as it is everyone love speaking about how “judging” is bad.

Still, chances are that if you ever voiced a different view you’ve been showered in anger.

I see that happen to many every day, especially on social media.

I believe the words “who cares what they say” should be a personal mantra for individuals.

And now that you know the song I connected with the most and why I have a question for you: which one was the song YOU connected with the most?

Let us know in the comment section below the review!


Music wise “Young & In Love” is, with a few exceptions, very dreamy.

Tracks are full of lush creamy sounds while also feeling “jumpy” thanks to different arps and melodies moving around the master-crafted soundscapes.

The contrast between those lush emotional sounds and the more rhythmic ones creates a beautiful “bubbly dream” imaginary space.

Not every single track goes into the “dreamy” side of things: some, for example, the one giving the album its name “Young & In Love“, feels like an exciting day at the beach playing volleyball, running around, and splashing water on friends.

Others, like “Can’t wait” have a more epic kind of vibe. 

That song reminded me of the soundtrack from the 1987 movie “Over The Top

While Abigail and Mary might not have the strongest of voices, their sweet tone fit perfectly in every track while the steady but highly emotional tone perfectly glues together every song in a unique, perfectly balanced experience, that you’ll want in your collection!


Young & In Love is one of the best retro albums released in 2021 and in my opinion should have a place in every music fan library.

Amazing vocals, lush sounds, epic vibes, and happy and lighthearted motifs create an outstanding experience that I can’t get enough of forcing it into my favorite music rotation.

Now it’s your turn to listen and/or add this beautiful peace of artwork to your collection! Easely for you we’ve included two musical boxed below so it’s just one click away.

Don’t forget to let us know what did you think about it! Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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