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2Morbid It’s a Finnish musical duo consisting of Tilhi as the vocalist and Happo T as the producer.

Their stated goal is to merge the sounds of synthwave and synthpop with elements of rock, aiming to create something unique and personal.

As of today, meaning the day I’m writing this review in November 2023, only two songs have been released. Today, we’re discussing the second one: “One Must Burn“.


We need protecting
From what you want
For understanding
What we got

No need for reason
No confidant
No reprimanding

Don’t need a reason
For misbehaving
We’re cut from the same stained sheet

We’re suffocating
We won’t remember
We’re stuck to the same old ending

I think you are hurting
But not too much
Not too much
Not as I

One must burn
One must crawl
The other one falls apart

One must fight
Everyone’s gone
And the other one takes the fall

The song's meaning

I don’t have much information about “One Must Burn” and the meaning that 2Morbid wanted to give to the song. Therefore, I find myself in a situation that can be both positive and negative, depending on the point of view, in which I am the one who, starting from scratch and only listening to sounds and words, have the task of interpreting and reaching a conclusion.

Positive because it forces me to put on the shoes of the ordinary listener, negative because I could completely miss the mark.

Positive because we could talk about it and, once you have read my interpretation, you could let me know in the comments to the post what yours is.

My opinion is that with this song 2Morbid wanted to put the spotlight on how nowadays, while people are being manipulated to become more and more selfish and narcissistic, thinking only of their own light and their own gain, the vast majority of relationships have become toxic.

The only way a relationship can end in which both want to shine, both want to “stay on top”, both end up acting like victims, is with mutual accusations, the belief that yes, maybe the other is also suffering, but not as much as us, no one as much as us.

Phrases like “one must burn, one must crawl” or “We are carved from the same ugly blanket” are very significant to me.

A song that puts in the right light an extremely dysfunctional aspect of modern society. An aspect that should make us reflect because it is nothing more than a consequence of something.

The cause is the system that grows us and leads us to become like this.

Musical Analysis

Musically, the influences of the “synth” genre are definitely marked, but I find that the inspiration is more to be found in the darkwave/darksynth genre than in the generally more ethereal synthwave sounds.

Definitely powerful and full of energy, with a voice so emotional and powerful that the only regret is that it is not more audible within the musical setting of the song.

The vocal details added beyond the harmonies are very interesting, which, between spoken words, moans and sighs, add an entirely new level of expressiveness and meaning to the entire composition.

The voice in the end is disturbing, in a positive sense given the type of song.


2Morbid Photo

One Must Burn is a dark but powerful song that describes the state of relationships today with raw poeticism. It certainly bodes well for the future of 2Morbid as a relevant duo in the darksynth genre.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below !

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