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Black Like Oil as we can read on their Spotify profile, is: “a collective that combines the experience of a tandem of two film composers and a singer-songwriter to bring the magic of the soundtrack to life. They are inspired by pop culture artifacts of the past – music, movies, visual retro aesthetics – experimenting with sound, searching for their own language, combining synthwave and nostalgic beats with unconventional forms.

Black Like Oil are composed of: Diana Baydalyuk, Kirill Belorussov and Oleg Saxonov and today we talk of their debut EP, Past Present Continue published by Aztec Records.

Luca's Take

Immersion in the listening of “Past Present Continue” by the collective “Black Like Oil” is like crossing a temporal portal within which nostalgia and the future merge together and leave you breathless.

This magnificent musical creation clearly takes inspiration from the most cinematic synthwave style, intertwining deep echoes of retro influences with the rhythm and energy of synthpop, creating a truly exhilarating mix.

From a production standpoint, one cannot help but be amazed at how this sounds simultaneously “independent” and “professional,” as if someone highly talented were working on their own music, giving it that warmth that can only be found when working on something you believe in deeply, without the detachment typical of the professional relationship.

Each track seems to have several layers that merge together to create real landscapes composed of the most varied sound waves that move in the background, dancing in the air as if they were lights of some spell. The sound is spacious, voluminous; it fills and satisfies the senses in the right way just like the sunlight that slowly illuminates a landscape at dawn.

Each beat, each note seems placed with care, producing a texture rich in both subtleties and powerful punches that, like sparks, illuminate the imagination.

To give charm to this vortex of emotions is the stunning voice of the singer who, with her sweet, almost ethereal tone of voice, makes the words float like feathers in the breeze.

Luca's Favorite Track

My favorite track on the EP is definitely “The Aid”: powerful, epic, full of percussion that would make a film production envious and permeated by a “mighty sweetness” thanks to the combination of the energetic sounds with the sweet voice of the singer that contrasts it.

A song that has gone straight into my personal playlist with all my favorite music.

Alex's Take

The EP “Past Perfect Continues” by Black Like Oil awakens nostalgia for the 1980s and 1990s, of movies seen and songs heard. One in particular, “The Day I Met You”, reminds me a bit of a song I heard in the movie The Beach when I was a teenager.

Each song is different in rhythm, tone, and emotion, making these nuances and variations, some melancholic/dreamy and others full of passion and energy, create a unique and evocative experience for the listener.

I find the decided but not intrusive style of the percussion particularly fascinating and even a bit hypnotic. They seem to give a direct shock to the heart, synchronizing it with the melody. The voice is very nice to listen to, skillful in the variations and almost hypnotic in singing each sound story, adding that nostalgic touch that makes you want to watch cult movies again.

Alex Favorite Song

My favorite song is “The Aid“… an energetic, deep, emotional melodic mix.

I think it is the most aggressive rhythmically, and also the most mentally engaging.

It starts with a few instruments, including the guitar… a simple arpeggio that, accompanied by the entrance of the percussion, takes your breath away.

The voice is very enchanting in the way it weaves and varies in intensity, then becomes stronger and more decisive, together with the increase in the intensity of the instrumental melody and the more sustained rhythm. Stimulating, both in the imagination and in the emotional sense, it is hard not to want to listen to it again.


Black Like Oil Past Perrfect Continues Cover Art

Past Present Continue” by Black Like Oil is a powerful and simultaneously sweet EP, nostalgic but simultaneously modern, that makes you dream of the future and at the same time go back in time with your memory.

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All the best,

Luca & Alex

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