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When it comes to electronic music, few things excite me more than a retro-inspired album. That’s why I was thrilled to listen to “FURIO“, the latest release from Cat Temper.

From start to finish, this album delivers a powerful and epic listening experience that I won’t soon forget, in fact, I’m still listening to it repeatedly!

In this review, we’ll share our thoughts on the album, highlighting the strengths and standout moments that make it an incredible addition to any music lover’s library.

Starting from the usual epicness of titles such as “Mew Religion” and “Electric Pewpurrella”!

Furio - Luca's Take

Right from the opening track, “Growls on Film” I was hooked. The simple but catchy melody and the powerful beat immediately set the tone for the entire album, hinting at the retro electronic influences while still feeling fresh.

As I listened to the rest of the Album I was struck by the sheer energy and power of each track. From the driving rhythms of “Feline Fatale” to the soaring synths of “Save a Purr” every song on this album is a true masterpiece.

The epic irony of the titles, blended with the visuals is the mark of Cat Temper and they’d be enough to set this album apart from others, but what really makes this album stand out is the way it weaves these individual tracks together into a cohesive whole. The result is an experience that’s more than just a collection of songs – it’s an epic journey through a cute and furry world of musical adventures”

Luca's favorite track in Furio

My favorite track in the album was “Mew Religion“. It’s powerful, it’s catchy, and the chord stabs are powerful and memorable, all while every melody, even the one on the bass, just gets stuck in my head with no intention of letting go.

Epic vibes, power, mystical and magical, exactly like a very good adventure should be!

Am I also the only one hearing a tiny bit of mistery in the wholeness of the sound?

Furio - Alex's Take

If you’re a lover of felines, then this album by Cat Temper is the perfect one for you. It expresses the spirit of the cat in a visible and characterful way through its music.

The album brings to mind the action-packed and comedic police films of the 80s, such as “Police Academy” and “Beverly Hills Cop“, and the song titles themselves help to create vivid scenes where the feline takes on the lead role.

With each track, the album paints a vivid picture of the cat’s world.

You can imagine the cat stalking its prey in the dark, or pouncing playfully on a toy. You can feel the cat’s excitement and determination as it chases after its target.

The album captures the essence of the cat’s being, making you feel as if you are living through the cat’s experiences.

Alex's favorite track in Furio


In conclusion, Furio is an exceptional album that showcases Cat Temper’s incredible talent for creating catchy and powerful retro music.

It’s impossible to decide on one thing that set this album apart from others: it’s musically stunning, the titles of the tracks will make you giggle at a glance, and the visuals are iconic and will stick with you for a while as it takes you on a journey through a world of sound and emotion.

If you’re a fan of electronic music, this is an absolute must-listen. With its powerful melodies, epic vibe, and masterful production, it’s one hell of an amazing album, and I can’t recommend it enough.

So why not give it a try? You might just find your next favorite album.



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