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“My Power” is a song created in collaboration by the Dutch trio Envotion with the Ukrainian singer Teya Flow.

This song, we are told, holds particular significance for the super-talented Teya, as it represents many emotions she experienced with her homeland in a state of war. This conflict led her to relocate to Amsterdam, where she continues to work and evolve as an artist.

Let’s delve into the details of this beautiful synthpop song.


Nobody can show you
Which way you should go
Nobody can tell you
What’s right and what’s wrong

Does it really matter
Let’s see in the end
Say, don’t you feel better (yeah)
No need to pretend

My power, My power, My power
My power, My power, My power

We’re searching for something
Cuz we can’t get enough
We’re constantly hunting (yeah)
Bad hand and good bluff

Does it really matter (Does it really matter)
Let’s see in the end (in the end, in the end)
Say, don’t you feel better (yeah)
No need to pretend, eh, eeh

Everything that we believed in
(believed in, believed in, believed in…)
Everything disappears
But I still feel

My power, My power, My power
My power, My power, My power

The song's meaning

During my usual and personal analysis of the song, I have come to the conclusion that “My Power” is nothing more than a declaration of identity and will.

It serves as a reminder to the singer herself and to all of us listening that, no matter how much the world and its “rulers” tell us how we should live, what kind of person we should be, and, above all, what we can or cannot do, we all have the power, a strictly personal power, to decide for ourselves, even rejecting the words and orders of others.

No matter how tragic the world is, no matter how crushed we may feel, no matter how much they try to oppress us: we all have “power” over our lives, our power, and we must always remember it.

Musical Analysis

Magical, ethereal, nostalgic: this is the sound of classic synth-pop produced at a high level by Envotion.

A pulsating bassline, as per tradition, powerful and expansive beats, sounds spreading in the background, and small sonic “drops” resembling stars appearing and disappearing create a magical atmosphere that becomes complete with the main element, a sweet yet powerful, clean and emotive voice that freely dances within the song.

The whole composition is complemented by the power of the guitar solo, adding strength and intensity, like an underline or an exclamation point, to the entire track.

Truly magical.


Ev&TF - My Power (Artwork 3000x3000)

My Power” is a magical song that, within its magic, nevertheless contains a strong and incredibly important message: no matter how much they try to crush us, we still have the power to decide about our lives and dreams.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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