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As we can read on their Spotify profile: Peter Gagliardi has been writing electronic music since 2006. He almost exclusively releases concept albums, with a focus on the subject matter rather than on his style or genre. Overall, the final product combines influences from electronic music, psytrance, ambient, rock, orchestral, and cinematic.

The Formation series tells the story of how we got here, with the intention of spanning 7 albums between the Big Bang and ideas of the Afterlife, exploring everything in between. It deals with the fundamentals of physics at microscopic and macroscopic levels, highlighting different types of stars and nebulae. Formation III, scheduled for 2022, will draw inspiration from the Solar System.

The Synesthetic series consists of albums inspired by video game characters or elements. is inspired by characters from the old MOBA Paragon; is inspired by characters from the MMO Warframe; and are inspired by the ships of Freespace (yes, it’s a series within a series…).

The Pandora Unlocked series is an experiment in more focused genres. is a nostalgic journey into Synthwave; delves into the realms of Psychill; explores cinematic synthesizer music; finally, immerses the listener in Ambient music.

Luca's Take

Personally, I believe that this should not be considered an “Album” in the purely musical sense of the term, but rather a soundtrack. Even though the film does not exist as of today, listening to the tracks in Pandora Unlocked clearly evokes the flow of images from a sci-fi film, filled with space visuals, action, and tension.

The tracks cover the entire range of emotions and situations necessary to perfectly encapsulate a film.

Spacey, mysterious, powerful sounds… none are left out.

It’s something that truly must be experienced firsthand to be understood.

If I had to choose a favorite track, it would be “Cyber Cinematics,” in my opinion, one of the most powerful within the album.

Alex's Take

An intriguing album, capable of transporting the mind through unexplored spatial dimensions and, in my opinion, almost terrifying events, thanks to the rhythm of percussion and sounds that create the impression of a threatening, dark, and tense atmosphere.

The style is very cinematic/sci-fi and ambient, allowing immersion, through imagination, into space or uncharted depths—much like attending a planetarium show, aware of being there, yet eyes, mind, and hearing guided by the music.

The use of very dark sounds in some tracks adds a lot of intensity, highlighting the presence of dark forces ready to attack and the struggle against them. In my view, Pandora Unlocked: Interstellar Black represents the perfect intertwining of exploration, confronting darkness, and the resulting evolution—a metaphor to define the human experience.

I don’t have a favorite track because when I start listening to the first one, I want to hear the others too, as if they are linked together… like a movie, I could never choose to watch only one part without wanting the rest.


Pandora Unlocked Interstellar Black cover art

“Pandora Unlocked: Interstellar Black” by Peter Gagliardi is the perfect soundtrack to a film that has not yet been created, full of space-themed scenarios, action, and tension. Someone, please create this film!

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All the best,

Luca & Alex

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