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The Shadows of Ithaca were formed in 2017 when the rock/blues singer Aggelos Kalogries proposed a partnership to Panos Roumeliotis, a virtuoso of metal.

The result of this collaboration is precisely the work we are talking about today: ‘Hunt The Hunter,’ a magnificent album with metal tones that, while drawing from sounds connected to the past, explores thoroughly modern themes with the genre’s typical, powerful energy.

Luca's take

The first thing that crossed my mind while listening to Hunt The Hunter is that the singer’s voice and style reminded me a lot of Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden, and that alone could suffice. But it was when I went to read the lyrics of the various songs that I truly got goosebumps.

An entire album that, with the energy of metal, delves into immensely significant social themes, starting with how society drives people to sell their souls, hoping to achieve fame…

Everything can be sacrificed In the name of fame. Anything can be available. Showtime for “Mr. Incredible – Mr.Incredible

…direct accusations against modern society where the only thing that matters is money, and true freedom no longer exists…

I was born to be free, but I don’t feel it around me. And I know I must cut this Devil’s rope that binds me. Deeply confused from creeds and theories. There is no air to breathe. Money is the only God these days, a charming golden cage” – Above The Water

…escalating to direct accusations against the people responsible for this wreckage, who, from above, are willing to do anything to maintain and increase their power over the world…

For this throne of blood, ruthless are your moves. Behind closed doors you lurk, plotting in the dark. Everything for money, everybody has a price. Anything for power, no big deal for another lie” – Hunt The Hunter

…and much more.

Another demonstration of how, within the independent music world, regardless of genre, there are individuals with strong moral values who use their art in the hope of awakening something in others, now so accustomed to the darkness of our era that they refuse to see it.

Yet another justification for the mainstream world to do everything to conceal artists of this caliber.

I feel particularly connected to this album because I consider it the spiritual sibling of our 2023 album, SAMSARA, which, just like this one, aims to denounce the darkness of the world and the consequences it is leading us to.”

Luca's favourite song

My favorite song is definitely “Hunt The Hunter

A powerful, genuine, unsettling message that everyone should listen to, seasoned with the pure energy of metal.

With its blend of melodies and meanings, it’s certainly one of my favorite songs among all those released in 2023.

Alex's take

“Hunt The Hunter” is a continuous explosion of energy that takes me back to the days when I used to listen to bands like Metallica, Slipknot, and Anthrax.

I was fascinated by the diversity and versatility in each song, effortlessly transitioning from moments of pure fury to reflective pauses, thus creating a perfect balance between energy and emotion.

The guitars and drums play with rhythmic intensity that has a great sonic impact with an adrenaline effect, and the strong and intense vocals reflect the sentiment expressed by the lyrics, creating an atmosphere that is both dark and hypnotic.

I really liked the lyrics (another reason why I like metal/rock); they address social and worldly themes where struggle, passion, desire, and survival, I would say, touch emotional chords that resonate with the listener, unleashing the rebellious soul.

Alex's favorite song

The track I like the most is “In Basements and Attics.”

The spoken Greek intro and the slow initial tempo that somewhat reminds me of a Lacuna Coil song (for the feeling of despair) and the slow, hypnotic guitar arpeggio that then transforms, gains strength, and explodes, only to return to being slow and hypnotic before the end.


the shadows of itaca hunt the hunter

Hunt the Hunter, by “The Shadows of Ithaca,” is a damn powerful album, brimming not only with energy but also with meaning.

An album that strips away the modern hypocrisy, exposing its naked decay, pointing fingers, and accusing with screams of despair, rage, and hope, the darkness that is increasingly tightening its grip on the world.

Anyone who loves music and has a social conscience must listen to it at least once.

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All the best,

Luca & Alex

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