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As we were working on our own sophomore album, Beyond The Emotions, we decided we wanted to release it in a physical format, and as such, we started looking for a music Label interested in sponsoring such a release.

That’s when we stumbled on Retro Reverb Records and, after joining them for one year, the rooster of artists they represent.

We never heard any of them before and we were literally shocked in finding out that they happened to create some of the best music we had ever heard, like super polished diamonds that no one ever manages to see cause they’re way too covered up in the noise of the mess, unfunded or different from the most “mainstream” sound (because yeah, even niche genre seem to have “mainstream” sound, and as it usually happens, unless one conforms to it, people seem to reject you).

Your Friend Esteves definitely is one of these hidden diamonds of the scene: not only he’s an amazing musician, but also an outstanding producer that always manages to catch the right feels of what he’s going for in his creations; As such, even if we’re not part of Retro Reverb Records ourselves anymore, we’ve been very excited to receive a submission of his latest work.

Today, we talk about his new EPOpposite Forces Vol.2″

Opposite Forces Vol.2 - Luca's Take

Reviewing this EP was pretty hard. I’ve listened to it countless times, trying to come up with something to write in relation to the sounds, the melodies, and so on, and in the end, came out with nothing. My mind was totally blank.

After some more reasoning, I realized that the reason I couldn’t come up with the right words, is that I’ve been looking at Opposite Forces Vol.2 in the wrong way: I was trying to describe it as “Music”, but this is not just music but an experience that, while created by many great parts, is way greater than the sum of them and the only way to give it justice, is to talk about the visions and emotions this experience stimulates in me.

Joao (the mastermind behind Your Friend Esteves), says that the EP was created while being inspired by SCI-FI futuristic movies from the 80s, delivering an experience focused on dark emotions, and it definitely succeed at it, but I have to say that in many places I’ve also felt a great sense of wonderous, almost joyful, relief as if I was going to emerge successful from an epic and strenuous quest through danger and perils.

Galaxy Clockwork, to name one, has one of the most soothing endings I’ve ever heard in a track, especially since the contrast with both the previous and just-after, emotions is strong.

Listening to this EP is like setting off on an epic journey full of danger and tension but with unexpected soothing and relaxing moments that will gently caress your soul just like the fresh breeze caress your face as you look at the horizon from a grassy hill.

It’s an endless rollercoaster of emotions that’ll constantly move you from tension to danger, to relief, and back to tension and I highly suggest you give it a listen in the Spotify box below.

Luca's favorite track in Opposite Forces Vol.2

Deciding on a favorite track It’s been a hard race between Galaxy Clockwork and Finale but in the end, and very appropriately, Finale has to take the cake for me.

I find this track to be the perfect representation of the whole EP, mixing together different emotions. It starts epic, letting you know from the very first notes that it means business, and then switches over to tension.

Then, just as you’re sure you know what’s going on, everything stops at the apex and you find yourself in a quiet and almost relaxing space as the whole emotion of the tracks switches and become way more hopeful, just to then go back to tension once again. All the way until the final, absolutely epic, ending.

Opposite Forces Vol.2 - Alex's Take

As usual, I like listening to songs without knowing the titles of both them and the album. I believe this makes it possible to enjoy them to the fullest, with my sensations and imagination unaffected by the artist’s vision.

Even if I did hear one of the tracks before when it was released as a single, hearing it as the final track was a different and interesting experience.

In all songs, there is a strong retro/game sound component giving the feeling of being in a futuristic-style animated game or movie with a Dune/Immortal Ad Vitam-like environmental setting.

It’s easy to imagine being aboard a flying machine, pursued by killer drones, darting between buildings, inside luminous tunnels, and along the desert surrounding the city.

Once I discovered the names of the songs, my inner self started trying to understand the reason behind the title, and with the newly acquired information, my imagination painted outer space, as each song started adding visual details to the complete scenery:

– the observation of celestial bodies from their orbit,

– an up-close view of comets and asteroids as I traveled near them through the vastness of the universe

– galaxies that, in their continuous motion, create and destroy each other in a sort of constant universal cannibalism aimed at a never-ending creation cycle

– the explosion of a supernova

Your Friend Esteves Opposite Forces vol.2 Post Image

Alex's favorite track in Opposite Forces Vol.2


To conclude our music review, Your Friend Esteves created an incredible and, even if we’ve always been conscious of his abilities, unexpected and beautiful work of art. 

This EP is a force to be reckoned with that’ll take your mind and throw it in a vacuum full of different emotions from whom you’ll come out changed as if your mind is now connected with a powerful being you can’t fully comprehend. 

So do yourself a favor and click “buy” in the Bandcamp box below to support the artist and add this beautiful EP to your collection!

Remember: Art Can Be More!

Luca and Alex

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