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When Peacecraft approached us to review his latest album “Songs For When The World Ends“, I was extremely curious to listen to it since it’s a different genre from what we usually enjoy.

Even if we do not set boundaries on the music genres which we talk about on this blog, we only review music that we personally find to be of quality and enjoyable because our goal is to help you find what might be your next favorite album.

The fact that you’re reading this review should, as such, be a clear first hint to the fact that this album is definitely worth listening to so let’s now dig in to find out all the reasons why!

Songs For When The World Ends - Luca's Take

When I think about relaxing music what comes to mind is usually Dreamwave: Timecop, Zak Vortex, or The Future Kids.

I did listen to some lo-fi music in the past but It never really spoke to me, it was more like a subtle background noise that added a small layer to the atmosphere but didn’t really touch my soul in any way, as such I’ve always kept away from the genre.

That is the reason why I’m actually surprised to be reviewing this album now as it is, at least for me, the only exception I’ve found to this rule.

Songs For When The World Ends is a beautiful lo-fi/chill album, but it’s more than that. The tracks feel like they’re imbued with subtle, hidden, emotions, adding new meaning to every single one. It might be that my mind connects the music with the title, adding meaning to the sound, but no matter the reason the end result is super interesting and worth experiencing.

Different tracks tackle different emotions and made it possible for me to experience a vast array of them, all chained together by the chill and relaxing vibe.

When paired with the title then, all those emotions suddenly create visions of a peaceful world, a little melancholic because we can’t experience it anymore, happy because if “the world ends” then it means that there’ll be no more struggle.

It’s a strange feeling, one that I believe might cheer people up in dark times, almost forcing a smile on their faces.

Luca's favorite track in Songs For When The World Ends

My favorite track in the album is definitely “Sayonara“.

It’s chill and relaxing, but with an easygoing and happy vibe to it. I feel like it’s forcing my mind to envision the emptiness and desolation of sadness but while morphing the feeling into one of acceptance and, surprisingly, appreciation.

I believe this is going to be one of my go-to tracks for those moments where everything feels useless and perhaps, as my soul gets darker, it’ll be able to make me look at the situations from a different emotional perspective.

Songs For When The World Ends - Alex's Take

This album has something magical, like a lullaby for daily stress, it placates negativity, letting the sensation of warmth and tranquility emerge that recharges you while listening to it.

I never would have thought that the album was called “Songs For When The World Ends” but trying to imagine the calm after the end, these songs are perfect.

It really makes you visualize the emptiness after the destruction in a quiet and soothing way: no more chaos, no more death, just big spaces, nature, and the sound of the leaves moving freely in the wind. enjoying the fresh breeze that now caresses the earth with no hindrances.

peacecraft songs for when the world ends blog post image

Alex's favorite track in Songs For When The World Ends


To conclude our music review, Peacecraft created a beautiful, chill, and strangely magical album perfectly describing the “end of the world” from, in our opinion, the point of view of the world itself, suddenly finding its surface free of humans.

Vast and spacious sceneries, nature, calmness, and even happiness at times, all mixed with nostalgia and melancholy, making us think about how big a negative impact we have on our planet.

This is the perfect album to relax and find the positive in life, no matter the situation and we highly suggest getting it as part of your collection and support the artist.

Remember: Art Can Be More!

Luca and Alex

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