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Pashang is a South Korean artist who makes synthwave/cinematic sounds his trademark.

The mix of Synthwave and Cyberpunk, Post Core, combined with the ethereal emotions of Chill music, allows for a production that resonates spacious and mysterious, yet also energetic and powerful.

Pashang, as we read on the artist’s Bandcamp profile, means “to climb,” and this musical project is his attempt to use music to rise above his own mental chemistry, sharing step by step his journey and struggles with the world.

In this review, we talk about his EP titled “Void,” which was released in August 2022.

Luca's Take on Void

“Cinematic” is the first word that came to my mind when I listened to Void for the first time.

In my opinion, Pashang’s style predominantly evokes past cinematic soundtracks, rich in spacious and ambient sounds, always accompanied by an underlying strength. It’s reminiscent of some of the most famous films ever, often associated with this musical genre, like Blade Runner.

However, it would be quite limited to categorize the music of this extraordinary artist solely within the cinematic genre. His creations vary and span thanks to the use of elements seemingly borrowed from different genres, such as pulsating bass and more synthwave melodies, synthetic brass sounds, sometimes distorted, usually associated with cyberpunk, all pieced together like different puzzle tiles that, somehow, perfectly interlock.

This leads to experiencing one moment a spacious and mysterious track, recalling images of distant planets and deserts, while the next track could transport us into the midst of a high-speed chase through the streets of a cyberpunk city or an intergalactic space battle teeming with spaceships.

I must say that I truly appreciated the incredibly diverse experience this EP provided me, and I would certainly recommend experiencing it personally, perhaps with headphones and eyes closed, for a more immersive emotional journey.

Luca's Favorite Track in Void

Choosing my favorite track left me in a state of strong indecision: which track is the best for me? Is it the cinematic sounds of “Glimpse The Void”? Perhaps the energy of “Flee The Void”?

In the end, I settled on “Traverse The Void,” which I felt is a perfect middle ground encompassing all the styles within this fantastic EP.

The track amalgamates various elements that Pashang draws inspiration from, offering both the energy of synthwave, the tones of chill, and the expansiveness of cinematic music.

Undoubtedly, it’s an extraordinary and impactful experience.

Alex's Take on Void

When you listen to a song or an album you like, you often want to know more about it. That’s how I discovered that the artist Pashang drew inspiration from the movie ‘Event Horizon’ (one of my favorites in the mix of sci-fi and psychological horror) in creating this album, giving life to an extraordinary sonic journey through the darkness and vastness of space, leading to the discovery of the void.

The album has the ability to transport the mind into the cosmic depths, thanks to enveloping melodies and pulsating rhythms that evoke the sensations of wonder and mystery.

The beginning seems like a prelude to a confrontation with the spectral void, which, as the tracks progress, increasingly intensifies the emotion and fear of facing the unknown.

While listening, one can feel influences of synth/space/wave that allow imagination to wander in space, accompanied by cyber, orchestral, and metal variations to create action and unease, all the while remaining highly pleasurable, to the point that one doesn’t realize the passing of time until the album ends, leaving a feeling of incompleteness as if the end came too soon… prompting the desire to listen to it again.

Alex's Favorite Track in Void

My favorite track is ‘Flee the Void,’ a cyberpunk genre with techno elements, and above all… DARK, a fantastic combination that creates addiction, thanks to the concentrated energy that grows in step with the increasing intensity of the rhythm and instruments, which towards the end are joined by choral voices to increase the grandeur and the danger of the impending threat.

Within it, there are spoken moments that give the sensation of possible calm, but make the track’s resumption even more powerful.

It’s head-spinning due to the adrenaline rush one feels imagining oneself within the action arising from such music… feeling one’s heart racing, seeking at all costs to escape, fighting the inevitable for a chance at salvation—it’s like being inside the story


Pashang Void Cover

Void, by Pashang, is an intergalactic journey through the unknown. A magical and thrilling expedition that anyone can embark upon to escape, even just for a few minutes, the dreary everyday reality.

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Luca & Alex

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